LASIK at Donelson Eye Associates

Greenville-South-Carolina-LASIK-Cataracts-Eye-Care-lasik.pngThere are three things that are critical to having successful LASIK:

  1. A thorough evaluation and exam.
  2. The expertise of the surgeon that you choose.
  3. The technology used to perform your LASIK.

At Donelson Eye Associates, we start with a very thorough and comprehensive evaluation and exam which achieves two goals – that you have all of your questions and concerns addressed so you can be completely comfortable with the procedure, and that we learn everything we can about your unique eyesight so that we may recommend the best course of action for your vision correction.

Our surgeon, Dr. David M. Donelson, is a board-certified ophthalmologist that has performed over 5,000 laser vision correction procedures. Over 95% of his patients have achieved 20/20 or better vision. While this information may be impressive, Dr. Donelson isn’t concerned with having good statistics. His focus is on the individual patient and making sure that each person receives the best quality care possible. Check out our patient stories to hear more.

When LASIK first evolved, the technology often caused night vision problems, such as halos and starring. Since then, the upgrades in newer technology have improved these shortcomings, and some technology has even been reported to leave patients with better night vision than they had with glasses or contacts. Dr. Donelson uses the most advanced technology available today to ensure the best outcome for his patients. Check out our technology page to learn more.

Please check out the rest of our website to learn more about vision correction solutions. Don’t hesitate to call us if you have further questions or to schedule a complimentary evaluation to determine your candidacy for LASIK.