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Will Wearing Glasses Make Your Vision Worse?

Posted by fasttrack on June 11, 2015

Glasses & Vision

If you need corrective lenses…but you don’t wear them…what are your reasons?

  1. You hate the way you look in glasses.
  2. You can’t seem to get the hang of wearing contact lenses.
  3. You simply forget to wear them or misplace/lose them often.
  4. You think that by wearing glasses your vision will actually become worse.

If you fall into the number 4 category of people, consider this: WebMD has flat-out stated that, “Your eyes will not grow weaker as a result of using corrective lenses. Your prescription may change over time due to aging or the presence of disease, but it is not because of your current prescription.”

People who need reading glasses may be especially prone to thinking that wearing readers will make their vision worse. The fact is that wearing glasses does not weaken your eyesight. Close-up vision deterioration happens to most people over the age of 40. It’s a condition called presbyopia that occurs when the eye lens loses flexibility. You can’t prevent it and you won’t worsen it by wearing readers.

Any type of glasses, whether prescription glasses or readers, are simply an aid to improve vision. If your vision isn’t clear, you owe it to yourself to wear the proper lenses to achieve clear vision.

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