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What Is Double Vision?

Posted by fasttrack on May 19, 2015


Double Vision

Back in 1978 the band Foreigner had a hit song called “Double Vision.” According to an interview with Lou Gramm, the song title came about when a New York Rangers hockey goalie was knocked down by a Philadelphia Flyers player during a game. The Rangers goalie was removed from the game because he was experiencing double vision. (NOTE: The New York Rangers website actually states that the game was against the Buffalo Sabres.) 

The popularity of this song will cause many people to start humming the tune when they hear the term double vision. But some might be confused on what this condition really means.

Double vision differs from blurry vision. Double vision, also called diplopia, is a condition where you perceive two images of one single object. The images can occur next to each other (diagonally, horizontally or vertically) or the images can overlap. Blurry vision occurs when there is one single unclear image.

One symptom of cataracts is double vision. If you have been “seeing double-double” it’s imperative that you schedule an eye exam in Greenville, South Carolina to determine if cataracts or another eye issue is to blame. If our doctors determine that your vision is being affected by cataracts, they may recommend laser-based cataract surgery to remove the affected lens and replace it with a lens implant to provide clear vision.

There are three types of Intraocular Lenses (IOLs) that are used to replace the natural lens once it is removed during cataract surgery. There is the standard monofocal lens and two types of cataract premium IOL lenses (multifocal and accommodating lenses). Our doctors can help you understand the differences and choose the right option for your lifestyle and vision goals.

It is okay to enjoy the song “Double Vision” but don’t settle for life with this condition. Contact Donelson Eye Associates to schedule an eye exam: 864-987-0034 or http://donelsoneye.com/