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Wearing Contacts before a LASIK Consultation

Posted by fasttrack on February 28, 2016

Contacts_before_a_LASIK_consultation.jpgWhat’s the hardest part of having LASIK surgery?  It’s not necessarily the recovery.  A lot of our patients say going without contacts is often the hardest part of LASIK

Before having a consultation for LASIK surgery, you must not wear your contacts from anywhere between 10 days to a month before surgery, depending on the type of lenses you wear and how long you have been wearing them.  Contact lenses work by changing the shape of your cornea.  Your eyes need time to adjust back to their natural shape prior to a LASIK consultation to ensure the best surgical result possible.

Before scheduling a LASIK consultation, you’ll want to let the staff at Donleson Eye Associates in Greenville know what contact lenses you wear.  They will let you know how long you need to go contact-free before you have your procedure.

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