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How Do You Handle Visual Information Overload?

Posted by fasttrack on August 20, 2015

Cataract_Surgery.jpgHave you ever experienced information overload…on your eyes? There is a real condition called Load-Induced Blindness that occurs when you have too much visual information coming at you. A new study showed that when you are faced with a lot of visual data at once, your ability to see critical information is reduced – similar to what happens when there are lower light levels on an image you need to detect.

The study included volunteers with normal vision who completed a sensory memory task involving colors, positions and line orientations on rapidly flashing squares. In high load situations (lots of visual data), participants were only able to accurately spot line orientation in 64% of the images; in low load situations, that percentage went up to 95%. In the high load situations, participants needed 50% more light contrast to increase accuracy.

The bottom line is that too much visual information at one time may cause you to miss important things. Add into the mix that your vision is impaired due to the formation of cataracts and you may have an even more difficult time at distinguishing important images during attention-demanding situations (although this was not specifically included in the study).

Having Location laser-based cataract surgery at Donelson Eye Associates to correct vision problems will not change how your brain processes high loads of visual information, but it will allow for the removal of the cataract-affected lens and the replacement of a superior artificial Intraocular Lens (IOL)…removing one more barrier to seeing clearly.

Cataract surgery with our revolutionary LenSx® laser technology has changed the lives of many of our patients at Donelson Eye Associates. And those patients who choose to upgrade to advanced Cataract Premium IOL Lenses are able to achieve even greater visual freedom in Location.  

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