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Five Unusual Benefits of LASIK

Posted by fasttrack on July 31, 2014

Most people know that LASIK can potentially free them from the hassles of glasses and contact lenses. Of course that’s a great benefit, but we’ve come up with five more unusual benefits of LASIK that may persuade you to seriously consider this popular procedure.

#1 – Freedom to buy cool, but cheap, sunglasses to fit your every mood or fashion statement.

#2 – Ability to wander around the house at night without stubbing your toe on furniture.

#3 – Connection with your “inner dolphin” as you can see when swimming underwater with goggles.

#4 – Expanded Halloween costume options (think full face masks, costume make-up without glasses or novelty contacts)! 

#5 – Fewer “crow’s feet” wrinkles around your eyes because you won’t have to squint to see.

Ok, we admit these are silly reasons to have LASIK. But many people who have had successful LASIK do discover some unexpected benefits of their improved vision. Wouldn’t you love to see how your life might be improved with LASIK?

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