Why Over 29,000 People Chosen Donelson Eye Associates

In a word – results. While many doctors or centers claim to be “the best”, we provide our patients with proof of our success rates. Dr. Donelson has been performing LASIK since 1998 and since then, 98% of his patients have reached their optimal vision goals without enhancements. However, our surgeons don’t just perform LASIK on every patient. Your eyesight is unique, so your treatment should be as well. Donelson Eye Associates also offers other eye care procedures, such as PRK, Premium Cataract Surgery, and Lens Replacement.

Along with his proven results, you will see that Dr. Donelson is also very involved with patient care. He will personally create your treatment plan, perform any procedures necessary, and he is always available for you during your post-operative care.

More than 100 doctors have trusted and recommended their family members or themselves to Dr. Donelson for their eye care. In fact, most of our staff and family members have been his patients and this helps us understand your questions and concerns. Our goal is to make you feel comfortable with your decision and help you every step of the way.