Glaucoma and High Blood Pressure

To understand the connection between glaucoma and high blood pressure, it’s important to find out what these two conditions are.

What is the Difference Between Optometry and Ophthalmology?

Many people are confused about the differences between optometry and ophthalmology.

The Effects of High Blood Pressure on Your Eyes

High blood pressure can be very harmful to the body, causing heart and kidney problems among others.

Black Floating Spots in Vision

If you notice small black floating spots drifting across your field of vision - known as eye floaters - you might be concerned.

Winter Eye Protection

With winter just around the corner, it’s important to know how to protect your eyes during this season.

Macular Hole Stages

The eye is largely made up of the cornea, lens, iris and retina. The retina lies along the back of the eye and is responsible fo…

The Importance of Eye Exams as You Age

At Donelson Eye Associates, we recommend annual eye exam for all our patients. Regular eye exams are an important part of protec…

Macular Holes and Cataracts

Degenerative conditions that affect the retina, the part of the eye responsible for forming images, can pose a serious threat to…

Glaucoma Signs and Symptoms

Do you know if you have glaucoma? Glaucoma can affect anyone but most often occurs in men and women over the age of 40.

Tips for Healthy Eyes

Your eyes are an important part of your health. There are many things you can do to keep them healthy and make sure you are seei…
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